About Holistic Audio Systems

Online with music since 1995. Self-Produced CDs, SACDs, DSD Downloads, MQA streaming & downloads.

Began evaluating and reviewing hi-res audio products in 2016. Before that and since 2009 I have been directly involved in the use of high end audio gear and assisted many worldwide in configuring, using and mostly enjoying the optimal sound quality setups they own.


I’m David Elias a longtime singer-songwriter and self-produced recording artist and performer. I got introduced to high end hi-res audio systems at the dawn of the DSD technology in 2000. I became a hands-on recording artist, engineer for my own music projects.

Audio Holism seeks shorter and cleaner paths for the source to the speakers.

I also have spend the last 40 years (yes, I’m counting them) in the technlogy world starting as a software engineer specializing in telecommunications, then datacom and networking and the Internet revolution that began in the 90’s. I designed products and collaborated on many innovations in communications and other areas as a big data, networking, optimization expert.

Holistic Audio Systems came about in 2021 because I have been looking for low cost but very high quality solutions to hi-res digital audio for these years since DSD and then MQA USB DACs emerged. I began offering my own DSD downloads in 2009 from my music website, a good 4 years ahead of any of the industry.

Short story is I’ve been at this a long time, but Audio Holism (my term) is a new evolved level in digital playback stereo and multichannel reproduction. I believe I can help deliver that great sounding solution to many who are confused and overwhelmed by the myriad of products and services (streaming, downloads, etc.) out there.

I am an authorized dealer of the product bundles I create and support. I discovered these combinations of integration after literally years of trial and always hoping for better solutions. Finally I found some and want to share them with others looking for great sounding stereo that is not complicated to setup and operated.

Also key to the operation for me is the ability to handle all types of digital audio up to the highest resolutions (DSD512, MQA Full Decoding 24/384, DXD 768) as well as MP3, AAC and common streaming formats (with sound improvements on playback!).

I have been hell bent on finding WiFi solutions to overcome sound quality and convenience barriers with Bluetooth. Bluetooth has a place sometimes in listening to music, but not at home/studio as the main wireless transport. I found WiFi/Ethernet solutions that extend the range of transmission to the entire network at your home, whether indoors or outdoors, all from a Smartphone.

The Hazards That Racks Of Audio Gear May Represent

Racks of audio components chained together to deliver sound reproduction unfortunately often contribute to many negative things in getting a clean source sound. These hazards include lots of cables (which are the root cause of many tech problems in general) that lose and change signal through poor conductors and connectors as well as absorbing RFI and EMI that further distort the signal. 

They also represent combinations of interfacing between different vendors boxes with both frustrating and real trade offs towards original source signal. This multi component approach is then difficult to operate as well as difficult to make aesthetically pleasing. These chains of AC power draws are not eco-efficient, and also generate heat and may introduce AC ground conflicts and other electric disruptions.

Audio Holism seeks shorter and cleaner paths for the source to the speakers allowing simpler more eco-efficient setups without many of the risks of introducing distortions in phase, timing, locality, and overall sound quality that may take considerable time and expertise and often cost to diagnose and correct.

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